Our Services

SIGNATURE is an event production and design house. We offer our clients an esteemed award-winning team with a well-planned business platform and design strategy. We live and breathe Mexico; this is the place we get to call home and we love to share all its beauty with you.


As destination wedding planners, we are committed to be visionaries, artists, negotiators, inspectors, and perfectionists. SIGNATURE values itself on building long-lasting client relationships. We provide professional assistance and guidance to our couples, offering a seamless planning process and execution of events. We have access to an awesome team of wedding professionals, designers and artists, who work closely with each other to ultimately achieve your wedding goals. We deliver the promises that have been made, build trust, and make you feel that your voice is heard.


The foundation of superior wedding experience lies on the proper understanding of what we are creating and who we are creating it for. Fashioning ambiances that are unique and enhance your story makes us very proud. We love natural settings with a harmonious feel. We are committed to authenticity, collaboration, and innovation.

Building trust within our client relationships is the first approach to event design. When you feel your dreams, visions and even your fears are being heard and taken care of, there is no room for confusion or misleading. We are very proud of everything we create. Pleasing the senses and creating long-lasting memories is what design is all about.


Not only do we create amazing destination weddings in Mexico, but our services also extend to corporate events. These trips vary from rewards programs, incentive trips, exhibitions or conferences. They require a logistics expert to plan every minute of every day, as well as a design expert to truly customize the experience. This is where SIGNATURE fits in perfectly. We are a dependable and committed team. We master all things logistical, creative and innovative. Whether it is booking flights, finding the best room block at the most gorgeous destination, or creating an agenda for every hour of every day, we are there to finalize all the important details. We give your employees a truly memorable and unique experience. We are here to help validate why your employees love working with your company, designing an experience they will surely remember.

Hotel Business Consulting

SIGNATURE's strength resides in our deep knowledge of the luxury wedding industry, from the inside hotel operation, to the outside event logistics. Our goal is to set the stage for a flawless process that encompasses both the wedding couple's experience and the team involved during such process. We want to focus on your own mission and values to create a synergy within every hotel department that will support the group and special events operation. As hotel business consultants, we learn about your needs, process, and market. Our consultation services include coaching, reinforcing or creating an internal working process, media and familiarization trip plans, connecting your venue with the right wedding professionals and ultimately, establishing strong working systems both internally and externally.
Photos courtesy of photographers Intandem, Chris + Lynn and Ana & Jerome