Questions & Answers

How long has SIGNATURE been in the wedding planning business?
Originally, SIGNATURE (former Signature Weddings) was founded in 2007 by Saraí Flores; later came her business partner Martha Huerta and together they have gathered more than 10 years of experience producing events in the luxury market. Their combined creative vision and dedication make them one of the most sought-after and highly regarded teams in the destination sector not only in Cabo, but also throughout Mexico, in places such as Riviera Maya, San Miguel de Allende & Punta Mita. Event production is not only their full-time professional undertaking; it is their passion, which comes across in each uniquely special event that they create.

What do your services specifically include?
We like to see ourselves as a gracious, professional and strong guide to our clients for all wedding related decisions. We are our clients' representative. Think of a combination of a lawyer, architect, priest, designer and friend. Our services entail the conceptualization of the entire project and encompass every step of the wedding planning process from start to finish. From selecting a venue, managing vendors, coordinating logistics, to creating and executing your wedding day design and décor, and working closely with everyone involved; we take care of full projects during your destination wedding celebration. We can arrange transportation, coordinate group excursions and handle rehearsal dinners, brunches, and more. We oversee every detail like selecting favors, welcome bags and everything and anything that your guests will see, touch and smell on your wedding day. So basically, we do all the magic so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Will you assist with lodging arrangements for our guests?
Yes, we will. We have built great relationships with hotels and villas and are able to secure special group rates for your guests.

How many full-service weddings does SIGNATURE plan every year?
We personally plan about 10 weddings a year. We also coordinate & produce some corporate and social events.

What are you most talented at?
We listen, we deliver, but most importantly, we truly care. Saraí is most talented at creating amazing spaces and atmospheres and she truly rocks the details. What Saraí loves most is working with a fun, creative and smart team; she is a natural mediator and harmony is her motto. Martha is most talented at having a clear and efficient vision of the entire project, making sure no aspect of the event goes unseen. She will make the strictest of timelines feel natural and smooth. Martha loves when all the behind-the-scenes function as perfect as the front of the house.

What kind of projects or clients do you stay away from?
We don't do partial events nor offer "day of" coordination. We also refuse projects where the budget is not realistic for the decor vision. Most importantly, we want to make sure we are a good fit to work together. If we are not, that's fine. We can probably direct you to some other planning companies that might be the perfect match for you. While we are able to create countless designs for our clients, art remains a language. Ultimately we would love to share the same language, and speak to each other through the art we create. We don't take on projects when we are asked to duplicate other company's designs.

What do people like the most about working with you?
Every single project is close to our heart. We take care of your wedding like the important event that it is. We are lucky to be in the business that we love and it's reflected in every decision we make as a team.

We want to make our clients happy and also bring joy and happiness to our own lives. Planning a wedding from the distance can be stressful and we want to bring ease, joy and beauty to the matter.

Why do your clients choose you over the competition?
Aside from the fact that we have more than 15 years of experience, we understand the personal aspect of every wedding. We craft every detail with love and care. Our approach to wedding planning and design is very unique and we like to create an ambiance of creativity, efficiency and collaboration both with clients and vendors alike.

Are your services available throughout the whole year?
Our studio opens from October to July. We close during the months of August and September for two reasons: first, because it's the time when Cabo reaches its highest and most extreme temperatures, not to mention that it's also the peak of Hurricane season. In the meantime, other destinations such as Riviera Maya and Punta Mita are also on their highest rain season, which makes it very tricky to plan an event outdoors.

The second reason is because we take some time off to unwind and explore other destinations. Saraí travels often to Europe and Asia to visit friends and find creative excitement, while Martha enjoys traveling with her husband and exploring vineyards and new tastes to come back to Cabo with a new flair. We like to nurture our souls to bring out the best in us, come up with new ideas and renew ourselves.

What is your weekly work schedule?
Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST. Most weddings happen during weekends, which means that celebrations usually start on Thursday night. Also, since we travel for destination events, we might be out of town for an entire week. However, this does not affect our normal office hours at all. We stay in touch with our clients from any destination or have our awesome assistants follow up with you for any given matter.

What is your availability like? How quickly will you be able to get back to me?
As a boutique firm, we only take a limited amount of events per year, which allows us to keep the lines of communication open and establish a very consistent and efficient relationship with our clients. New inquiries should expect a response within 1 business day.

How are the payments structured? When are they due?
We schedule a calendar of deposits based on the wedding date. There is an initial deposit to secure your date with us. Then we program deposits starting 3 to 6 months before the wedding, as soon as the event design is approved. The final deposit is made one month prior to the wedding date. All wedding services must be paid in full prior to the event.

What is the initial deposit? And what is the payment method?
A deposit of $3,000 USD is required in order to secure a date with SIGNATURE. All payments should be made by wire transfer.

Should I visit the destination before the wedding?
We highly recommend planning a trip to visit the venue, meet with vendors, have a menu tasting, etc. Ideally, this visit should be done earlier in the planning process. However, some of our clients do not have the time to schedule an initial planning visit so we take care of all these meetings and follow up.

What expenses should I anticipate when visiting the destination?
You should anticipate transportation fees and meals costs during the visit. Some hotels will offer a complimentary room for 2 nights or a discounted rate, if you commit to a room block with them for the wedding weekend. Also, some transportation companies will be glad to pick you up at the airport if you use them for your wedding group. In any case, consider tipping these services, especially when they are complimentary. Our management fee includes one full agenda of meetings. If you would like to have multiple meetings and schedule several visits throughout the year of planning, an additional planning trip fee may apply.

How many event managers will attend my wedding? Do you personally attend every wedding?
Your event is managed through the combined efforts of Creative Director, Saraí Flores, and Senior Event Producer, Martha Huerta. Martha is the event leader and the face of SIGNATURE during the planning process and especially during the operation of the wedding. Think of an orchestra director: she will make things happen with grace and beauty. In the meantime, Saraí is the creative force behind all the details that will make your wedding a unique event.

Do you employ other people to help you plan events?
Yes, we hire and train staff depending on the size and number of events surrounding your wedding, and we work very closely in coordination with our contracted vendors.

Who signs the vendor contracts? Do we pay SIGNATURE the entire event fee? Or do we contact vendors directly?
Clients sign most vendors' contracts, especially the wedding and event venues, resort accommodation options and catering companies. We, however, take care of musicians and other small business owners who perhaps do not speak English or simply do not work with contracts written in English. We also create and organize a master account and payment schedule. We take care of deposits and final dues to avoid multiple payments and streamline the payment process for you. This structure creates the most organized and solid payment platform.

Will you make initial contact with all referred vendors and check price and availability or do you give us a list of vendors to call?
We don't work with a "list" of vendors we send over to our clients. Once we present a vendor to you is because we are sure that it can be a perfect addition to your wedding. We make initial contact and we assure you that we only work with the most professional and trusted vendors. We don't simply find them: we manage them. We have extensive resources and value our professional relationships. We evaluate and select each vendor for a specific job and according to your specific needs. After this filter, our clients are able to contact vendors at any time to ask any questions they may have or simply to build a relationship with them.

Can we work with SIGNATURE's services but at the same time still look for vendors ourselves?
The short answer is no. It is in your best interest to allow SIGNATURE to search and make the initial contact with properties and vendors that are being considered. Multiple people calling the same vendors and inquiring about the same dates will cause a false sense of demand, which can result in higher quotes or rates. To eliminate confusion, please advise us of any vendor that you have contacted prior to contracting SIGNATURE. Once the initial contact has been made, you are welcome to contact properties & vendors as you wish.

If we use SIGNATURE'S services, will it cost us more than if we book hotels or vendors directly?
No, quite the contrary. In addition to our experience and relationship with vendors and hotels, SIGNATURE can usually secure better rates because of the sheer volume of business we generate with them on an annual basis. And because we don't take commissions from vendors, we are able to offer discounted rates to our clients.

Do you mark-up vendors' prices?
We do not mark-up vendors' fees; we believe in transparency. Our vendors' referrals are based on their performance and excellence, not on a monetary incentive.

What about hotel contracts?
Since we operate services like a travel agency, we take a room commission from them. However, this commission does not, in any way, affect the room rates we secure for our clients.

How will you communicate ideas to us?
A lot of our work is handled by e-mail. However, we also plan conference calls or Skype meetings during the planning/review period. We also create visual support to communicate our ideas through the design process.

What was your favorite and least favorite project to work on and why?
Well, that calls for a different answer from Martha and Sarai. As a team, we consider that there are three pillars for an event to become one of our favorites.
  1. Having our clients loving every bit of their event and truly enjoying the moment.
  2. Having the internal team and vendors collaborating in an efficient, harmonious and balanced way.
  3. Delivering a pretty awesome design.
All of these aspects are essential to our core values. Working with and for amazing people makes us very happy. Our least favorite events are those that have no soul, when the wedding goals are not clear, when there are many "heads" on the client side, or many chefs in the kitchen if you will.

Will you be present to coordinate the rehearsal and the procession along with the officiant?
Yes, absolutely. We will make sure that everyone who is involved in the ceremony, including the officiant and the bridal party, understands the proceedings and his or her respective responsibility.

Will you help facilitate the "order of events" of the wedding day, such as reminding us to cut the cake, etc?
Certainly, a detailed timeline and order of events is sent to our clients six weeks prior the event and we are there to ensure that they are executed seamlessly.

Will there be clear deadlines established?
An initial calendar and planning map is part of the process. You will know in advance when things are due and what to expect from the planning and design team.