Engage!12 The Luxury Wedding Business Summit

June 17, 2012  |  Travel & Leisure
Our first experience at Engage was in 2010 when we traveled to the Cayman Islands to engage in the ultimate luxury wedding summit. This semiannual wedding summit is for those industry professionals who are the lucky members of an elite group of luxury wedding vendors. Rebecca and Kathryn, two incredibly talented and compassionate women, are the combined genius behind Engage. They are true innovators and have created something that was once missing and is now so crucial to our industry. Engage is so much more than an industry conference, it is a creative brain trust for wedding professionals, it is a movement where inventive and innovative concepts come to life. And it's fun!
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We were the first two Mexican gals to ever attend and, over the course of three short, jam-packed days, we were happy to make some very important connections, meet great friends, speak with our peers and learn invaluable business lessons from our mentors. As a team we decided that in order to continue to grow and evolve as a business and individually, and also to help bring more attention to the Mexican destination wedding market, Engage would be incorporated into our annual itinerary. Last year's summit in San Diego saw a greater Mexican Representation. This year, The Director of Romance for the Mexican tourism board, Carmen Laborin, as well as representatives from resorts and venues from across the Riviera Maya were in attendance. We couldn't have been happier with the turn out and are excited to say that professionals from the Mexican wedding industry made an impressive showing in Las Vegas
Jimmy Choo sponsored one of our breaks!
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Having just come off the heels of Engage 12, we returned to Cabo energized and revitalized, our work's passion inflamed. In Vegas, the very best in their respective fields, pioneers, business owners and creatives, come together in one room to share knowledge, set trends, spark creativity and inspire genius. In that room we are all colleagues, regarded for our distinguished work in the industry, humbled by each other's successes, motivated by struggles endured and overcome, and inspired to contribute to a collective creative movement and the wedding industry's growth on a whole. And as the Mexican wedding industry becomes a thriving vital force, we hope to serve as the host for Engage 13. Look forward to a Los Cabos summit in the coming year!
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Event design and decor by the creative genius Edgar Zamora & his team.
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All images by Elan Artists .
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From left to right: Our new friend Carolyn Chen, the very talented Elena Damy and Julie Hill, moi, the fabulous Ari from One&Only Palmilla, my super partner Martha + Mr. Damy! 
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