4 ways to improve your guests' experience

August 11, 2017  |  Wedding Advice
We know your wedding is all about the love you have for one another and the big important step you're taking as a couple. We also know that the second most important thing is your guests and how they'll experience your destination wedding. You don't want them to regret taking time off and traveling to another country for your wedding. Quite the contrary, you want them to say and think that this is the best wedding they've ever attended. And they will, with a little help and our magic stick, they will.  
Wedding photos courtesy of Forged in the North
1. Make things super clear and easy to follow. Your website should be user-friendly and simple, so try to keep your story short, share what is important such as the program, and list accommodations and the must-do's of the destination. Ask for an RSVP, but go either digital or physical; that way, it won't be confusing for you and your guests.  
2. If budget allows, offer a pick-up service at the airport; it can be shared transportation, and this is something that your wedding planning team can easily organize. If you don't do airport transfers, please do organize transportation for the off-site events. Basically anything that is hosted and organized by you should come with the pick-up time if you're taking guests off to some other place outside the hotel. This not only sends the message that things are in order, but also makes your guests feel both pampered and safe. 
3. Plan enough food & drinks. You don't have to offer all the premium brands at the bar, but a good selection of the classics is a must. It's perfectly fine to transition from signature cocktails to wine during dinner, and then to open bar. Any formula you decide is fine, as long as you offer options and try to take most guests into consideration. It's the same with food; plan the right amount depending on how long the reception will last. No one has ever said no to late night appetizers, they are always a success. This is also the perfect time to explore unique, local options.  
4. Social media and the internet in general have made us entertainment seekers, so exploit this. Don't limit your music options to a DJ or a band. Again, exploit some local options that can create one-of-a-kind experiences for your guests. From dancers, to salsa lessons to portraits painting, don't be afraid to try new things. You don't have to go all Cirque du Soleil, but definitely look for ways to make your wedding fun, bonding and ultimately unforgettable.
Send us a note if you want to hear about how we create unforgettable weddings for our clients. We'll be thrilled to help! 
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