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June 30, 2017  |  Good Questions, Planning Process
How long can I have a vendor on hold?  
Part of our wedding planning process is making sure we source, filter, and manage vendors for our clients. We never bring a list of vendors for you to pick, this rarely works in our experience. We take the time to understand what the wedding is about, what the guests and couples' styles are and then we pre-select a couple of vendors for them. We then present the options assuring that the date is indeed available. Here comes the decision-making process, you want to study options, prices and possibilities, it's all fair. How long does this process last? We'll honor availability and price for about 2 weeks. Beyond that we'll release the vendors' date so they can offer their services to other clients. Securing a vendor, even verbally means they will lock the date for you, and if you change your mind about their services there will be a penalty fee, depending on how close to the wedding date.  
Get in touch if you want to learn more about our process and how you can get the best vendors in Los Cabos and other Mexican destinations.  
Happy weekend! 
Wedding photo courtesy of Forged in the North
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