The Cape glamorous wedding

The Cape is one of the most recent additions to Los Cabos wedding venues and we absolutely love it for its modern look and mid-century decor feel.  
The Cape is located in Cabo San Lucas, and it was the perfect spot for this beautiful couple. Nicole and Tony have been visiting Cabo for many years before they decided to get married here. Cabo is that special place where they built memories as a couple and they wanted to share it with their friends and families with a long weekend of fun, relaxation and beauty.  
Wedding photos courtesy of Forged in the North
Our bride was looking for a very chic and sophisticated wedding and she was behind every little decision that leaded us to a memorable and contemporary affair. The color palette was neutrals with a huge infusion of black and blush. Nicole loves crystals and they were the perfect addition to this modern and elegant look.
We work only with the best vendors in town to make our clients' vision reality. This was no exception. Pina brought so much beauty with unique blooms.  
What was our takeaway from this wedding? As always, the best weddings are those where people are the centerpiece of the equation, where love, fun and building memories is what the whole thing is about.  
Get in touch if you're looking to create a very special destination wedding for you and your loved ones, we would love to tell you how we make things happen and how we can help you create just the perfect celebration.  
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