San Miguel de Allende Weddings

June 26, 2017  |  Wedding Advice , Wedding Venues
San Miguel de Allende is one of our favorite destinations for weddings in Mexico. Working on beach destinations most of the time, we so appreciate the unique set of qualities that San Miguel offers for wedding. The artistic vibe is so expansive you couldn't cover it in a weekend. From concerts, cinema festivals, workshops and so on, you could spend a year and still have things pending to do. The architectural scenario is another part of the experience, from old villas, beautiful haciendas to modern hotel, boutiques, you can get picky selecting the place that feels just right for you. Then you have the culinary scene and things just got better! Young (and old) Mexican chefs have been redefining what Mexican cuisine can offer, the possibilities are just amazing. 
With all this in place you can only wow your guests when you decide to host your destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende. The best way to access is via Queretaro city or Leon Bajio, however the city will get its own airport shortly and will make things much easier to get here.  
Images by destination wedding photographers: Ana & Jerome
Are you a San Miguel de Allende bride?  
• while you love the beach, you can get there any other time and you certainly don't want to touch the sand while exchanging vows  
• your ideal vacation doesn't include a bracelet on your hand and you certainly don't want to spend the entire time inside your hotel, as beautiful as it could be  
• you love to explore other cultures and the idea of walking the little streets, with your guess, music following and perhaps some tequila too is just too appealing  
• you appreciate historical towns and love the color and joy that little Mexican cities offer  
• you want your wedding to feel really unique, and while you'll want your style and flair to be reflected, aren't afraid of stepping out from traditional wedding the way you would have it at home  
Get in touch if you're looking for a very special venue in San Miguel de Allende or other Mexican destination, we'll be thrilled to help! 
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