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May 15, 2017  |  Wedding Advice , Wedding Vendors
For a lot of our clients, music can be one of the most difficult topics. Sometimes music plays a major role in the wedding and the decision making process. Some clients bring their own band/DJ from the United States and many others hire local musicians who are truly talented. 
Regardless of your style and budget regarding music, these are some suggestions for each wedding moment that truly bring a nice flow to the day: 
Ceremony - We usually recommend something romantic and subtle. With that, we would say either a solo guitarist, duo or trio. For larger wedding groups, it's nice to incorporate a duo or trio with other instruments such as a harp, bass, piano, or violin. This can be on the classical style but not necessarily. Any musician can learn a tune or your favorite song given the right amount of time.  
Cocktails - This is where the fun begins! You can do something super festive like a mariachi band or keep it understated yet entertaining with a guitarist. If you have a guitarist during this time, it would be great to have them now sing, in addition to playing. This helps guests get in the party mood and sets the tone for the rest of the night. A short note about the difference between a Mariachi and a Mexican trio; a Mariachi is a full size band with at least 8 players including violins and trumpets. A Mexican trio can sing the same songs as the Mariachi but they are only 3 players, typically playing a guitar, a bass and a violin. There is no such thing as small Mariachi band!  
Dinner - During this time, we recommend something perfect for background entertainment that allows for guests to converse and not be too distracted. You can move into a band during this time or even DJ. It would be important they are conscious about noise level and stopping the performance if speeches are being incorporated during dinner and also venue restrictions. A lot of venues don't allow for amplified music outdoors.  
Dancing - This is obviously the time for your guests to let loose and dance the night away. Perfect moment to incorporate a band or DJ. It just depends on your personal style and preferences. Most of our local bands play both Mexican and American covers. 
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Some important questions to answer before selecting your destination wedding music: 
1. What feeling or vibe are your trying to portray for each wedding moment (ceremony, cocktails, dinner & dancing)?  
2. Additionally, for each moment do you prefer acoustic or singing? 
3. If singing, do you have a preference of male or female voice? Or both? 
4. What is your budget for entertainment?  
5. What is the general vibe of your group? Do they love dancing or are they more reserved? Is there a wide age range? 
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Tell us, what are you most concerned about when it comes to music? have you had a recent wedding experience when you didn't have fun as guests?  
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