How to stay cool during the wedding day

May 5, 2017  |  Good Questions, Wedding Advice
Our chosen venue doesn't have air conditioning and we're getting married during the warm season. How can we keep our guests and bridal party comfortable?  
Tropical destinations are used to hosting and receiving thousands of people and weddings every year. If your destination has high temperatures regularly and your venue does not have AC, I would take it as a red flag, but I am afraid that's another question. To keep you and your guests comfortable, make sure to get big fans, or things they can later keep such as individual mist and fans. Ask the venue to get individual facial towels that are previously frozen; you can even add a couple of lavender drops to make them nicer; guests will appreciate it. Lastly, make sure that beverages such as fresh water, lemonade and beer are always available. We once had a coconut water station, along with a frozen ice pop cart that went around offering guests some refreshments; it was fun! 
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