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April 5, 2017  |  Planning Process
As the creative director, I am in charge of all things decor, style and design. I get to work closely with our clients and the creative teams such graphic designers, florists, lighting companies, rentals, props, and anything that has to do with things you'll see, touch and feel. I like to take the time to get to know our clients and define how their style as a couple will affect the wedding and decisions about how things will look. I like to see things you like, designers you wear, music you listen to, trips you make and things that bring you joy. I also like to consider how the wedding venue will host all this, how we can take advantage of things the venue already offers, and how we can make unique twists that will make this wedding your own.  
One of the first concerns when you start planning a destination wedding is communication, the process that the planning and design entails and the steps we take to make things happen.  
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By the time we're hired for a project, there has been already tons of emails exchanged, at least 2 or 3 phone calls and even an initial meeting.  
We first exchange an extensive questionnaire, we want to learn about your initial vision and plans more in depth. We also want to learn about your family, your guests and if there is any particular dynamics we should be aware of. The more we know about you, your style, your values and standards, the better we can represent you. Of course, a lot of this happens naturally. We learn about the things that are important for you, about the feeling you want to create for your wedding and about the overall wedding goals and ultimately the core values and experience we want to create for you and your guests.
We work hard to create destination weddings that are memorable, beautiful and honest, especially to our clients' style and in harmony with our own. I like to think we create experiences that affect our clients and their guests for many years to come. And ultimately, we love the feeling of working in and for a destination we love and respect. 
Saraí Flores
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