Question you get asked as a wedding planner

April 3, 2017  |  Good Questions, The Team
Wedding planning seems like a fascinating job, and it is only if you make it one. People are so curious and it seems there is never enough information or gossip about what a wedding is made of. I have high respect for the industry, and despite looking cynical at times, it remains an environment where love, connection and joy are celebrated and are ultimately the core of it all.  
With that, here some questions one gets asked often at casual lunches... 
1. Are all of your clients "bridezillas"? 
Short answer is NO! If that were the case, I would have been long gone. Actually, during the hundreds of weddings we have been part of, I don't think I've even met a "bridezilla" the way they portray this person on TV. It all comes down to respect, education, what your client needs, what you offer and a fair and clear interchange of services
2. What is the most expensive wedding you have ever done? 
Our clients typically spend about 1000 to 1200 USD per guest on their wedding, although a client recently spent over $7000 USD per guest on their wedding. This included a welcome event, the wedding, all decoration, entertainment and any services related to the wedding as well as most accommodations for guests at a very exclusive resort.  
3. What celebrities have you worked for? Are they nice?  
This is one I can't answer, but yes, most people are nice when treated with respect :)
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Saraí Flores
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